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6 ways to understand all the Clothing Tag secrets!


A piece of clothing, not only delicate and beautiful, more important is comfortable and practical. Learn to read the Clothing Tag, is you learn to buy clothes first step. General Clothing Tag content will include brand name, individual style, size, origin, fabric, grade, safety category, etc. Today, let's break down how to get the information you want from the Clothing Tag.

1. Look at the grade of clothes

Product grade is an important indicator to judge the quality of a piece of clothing.The grade of Clothing is divided into excellent products, first-class products and qualified products. The higher the grade, the higher the color fastness (the less easy to fade and stain). The grade label on the Clothing Tag should be qualified products at least.

2. Look at the model or size

Size, or size, is what we care about most. Most of us buy clothes by the size S, M, L on the label. But sometimes it doesn't fit that well, so consider height and chest (waist) circumference. Generally speaking, the Clothing Tag is marked with information such as height, chest size and waist circumference.

3. Look at the security level

Most people may not know that Clothing has three safety technical levels: A, B and C. However, we can identify the safety level of clothing through the Clothing Tag:

Category A is for children under 2 years old

Category B is products that touch the skin

Category C refers to products that do not come into direct contact with the skin

4. Look at the composition

Ingredientmeans to tell what material the garment is made of. In general, winter clothing will need to pay more attention to this, because such as sweaters and coats, such as a high heating requirements of clothing, you must check the composition of the clothing.The content of different materials in a piece of clothing will affect the feel, elasticity, whether warm, whether pilling has static electricity. However, the composition of the fabric does not absolutely determine the value of a piece of clothing, and this item can be used as a heavy reference when buying.

5. Look at the shade of color

The Clothing Tag also clearly states the color of the clothing, which is not to be ignored.The darker the color, the more harmful the dye, so if you're shopping for underwear or baby clothes, it's recommended to go with light colors.

6. Read the washing instructions

For clothes produced by regular manufacturers, washing instructions must be marked in the order of washing, drying and ironing. If you find that the order of the garment is not marked correctly, or even not explained, then it is likely that the manufacturer is not formal and advised not to buy this garment.

Now you know how to look at a Clothing Tag? A Clothing Tag is small but powerful. It is the instruction manual for a piece of clothing.


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