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Periodically check the status of Chain Slings


Chain Slings is an essential product of Chain hoist and combination rigging, which is related to the safety and smoothness of lifting operation. Because of different operating conditions and operating environments, the status of Chain Slings needs to be tested regularly. It is as follows: Professional personnel should check the function of the chain and its components regularly, and the longest is not more than one year. The interval time can be shortened if it is deemed necessary according to the operating conditions.

The Chain Slings and its components can only do load testing, and do not do electromagnetic crack detection, is far from enough, because some cracks as long as the electromagnetic crack detection after the ability to identify, visual view: find out the surface has such shortcomings as bending, distortion or mouth link.

Check whether the components are intact and correctly connected, and whether the safety equipment is useful.

Check the wear and elongation of the chain link: use the manufacturer's supply of signs to check and detect. Wear of the diameter of the link; Plastic deformation caused by overload; Pitch elongation due to wear of the link diameter. When Hooks deform more than 10 percent, Hooks wear more than 5 percent, Hooks bend sideways more than 10 percent.

Do not use Chain Slings at sharp corners of objects or workpieces. Chain Slings do not tie knots. The chain cannot be twisted. It is necessary for the main loop to move freely on the lifting Hooks. When asymmetric lifting, pay attention to reducing the operating load. Consider the possible effect of temperature. Protect against impact loads.


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