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About Us

Suzhou Wanjia Jiusheng Trade Korea Technology Co., LTD. Is a leading import and export trading company, headquartered in Suzhou, China. We are committed to providing high quality products and services to customers around the world. Our core business includes the import and export of various commodities such as paper bowls, machinery, metal parts, etc.

As a professional trading company, we have an experienced and dynamic team of members. They have extensive industry knowledge and expertise to accurately grasp market needs and provide the best solutions. We have established close cooperation with suppliers all over the world to ensure the quality of our products and the control of our supply chain. At the same time, we also pay attention to the needs and feedback of customers, and constantly improve and innovate products to meet the individual needs of different markets.

Our goal is to create value for our customers and establish long-term stable partnerships. To this end, we offer a full range of services, including procurement, logistics, customs clearance, warehousing and after-sales support. Whether it is a small order or a large volume purchase, we will provide you with efficient and reliable service.

Suzhou Wanjia Jiusheng Trade Korea Technology Co., LTD. Always adhere to the principle of good faith, comply with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations and international standards to conduct business activities. We will continue to improve our capabilities, expand our business scope, and work together with more partners to promote the development of international trade.

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