Steel Rule Auto Bender Machine with Perforation

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The Latest Model (ABM-A832A) Steel Rule Auto Bender Machine with Perforation includes the following functions: Bending, bridge, perforation, lipping, and Cutting. Supported steel rule thickness: 0.71, 1.05mm (2 pt and 3 pt), height: 8–32 mm. China Adewo has been successful for many domestic and foreign die-making and printing companies by providing advanced auto-bender machines, cost-effective technical support, and excellent after-sales service.

Product Features of the Steel Rule Auto Bender Machine with Perforation:

1. Multi-Functions: All functions in one machine (ABM-A832A)Steel Rule Auto Bender Machine with Bending,Bridge,Perforation,Hole, Lipping, and Cutting

2. Bending System:The bending and cutting in one tool increase cutting speed; there is no need to hold the short dies by hand when cutting.Smart safety protection can effectively avoid accidents.

3. Punching tools are sold separately, which is more convenient for replacement and saves cost.

4. The lipping tool, Cutting tool, and Perforation Tool are customized according to the edge of the steel rule that you use to get high precision lipping size, cutting, and perforation.

5. Feeding System: (ABM-A832A) Steel Rule Auto Bender Machine with double feeding clips, which improves feeding speed and makes it more stable.

6. Software System:The Latest Steel Rule Auto Bender Machine with newly developed software,Chinese-English language, can be selected optionally by users.Friendly software is easy to operate.

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