Aluminun Frame Trolley Luggage

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Midilun Aluminun Frame Trolley Luggage has strong bending resistance, thickened iron pull rods, adjustable telescopic pull rods, is made of iron alloy material, is lightweight, and is easy to lift and pull. It has been pulled and tested nearly 5,000 times, is sturdy and wear-resistant, and has a long service life. Aluminun Frame Trolley Luggage Factory Multi-gear design, suitable for people of different heights, 5000 fatigue tests, shaking control at plus or minus 1 cm, aluminum frame frosted box, box made of ABS+PC material, lightweight, frosted texture, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Buy Aluminum Frame Trolley Luggage Aluminum frame edge wrapping, pressure resistant and explosion-proof, capable of withstanding 25KG impact performance testing, fearless of violent shipping, anti-collision corner wrapping, metal hinges, high-strength aluminum alloy corner wrapping, high-strength fearless of impact, the box frame is integrally formed, and the overall high-density rivet reinforcement is used to prevent box explosion.

The difference between the Aluminun Frame Trolley Luggage style and the zipper style is: sturdy and durable, improving safety; The aluminum frame is closed, the Combination lock is snapped, and the handle is rebounded.Zipper box: reduces weight and improves portability; Zipper closed; snap Combination lock; pull handle.The interior of the aluminum Frame Trolley Luggage is upgraded, with a right-angle aluminum frame, aluminum alloy corner wrap, aluminum frame closed, rebound handle, and snap Combination lock.The zipper box has a smooth zipper closure, an environment-friendly PP corner, a soft rubber handle, and a snap Combination lock.

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