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Bathroom Storage Rack selection steps


1. When choosing a Bathroom Storage Rack, it is necessary to observe whether the shelf base is firm, especially if it does not shake when pushing and pulling.

2. The next step is the selection of materials in the Bathroom Storage Rack. Since the bathroom is in a humid environment for a long time, attention should be paid to materials that are not susceptible to moisture, rust and decay in the selection of shelving, and it is suggested to use stainless steel and alloy shelving.

3. The practical application and load-bearing capacity of Bathroom Storage Rack is the most fundamental one. Generally speaking, the shelf can be selected according to the actual storage capacity of the household, and the deformation can be observed with proper pressure by hand.

4. Collocation, choose a Bathroom Storage Rack to match with the things in the bathroom, generally speaking, it should be consistent with the color collocation of the three-piece bathroom set to ensure the unity of the bathroom style.


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