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Combined AC SPD Type 1 and Type 2 Lightning Current Arrester and Surge Arrester



In today's digital age, where our reliance on electronic devices and sensitive equipment has grown exponentially, safeguarding against power surges and lightning strikes has become paramount. Lightning strikes and power surges can wreak havoc on electrical systems, causing damage to appliances, electronics, and even posing a fire hazard. To counter these threats effectively, engineers and electricians have developed advanced surge protection devices (SPDs) that provide comprehensive protection. Among these, the Combined AC SPD Type 1 and Type 2 Lightning Current Arrester is gaining prominence. In this blog, we'll delve into what these devices are, how they work, and their importance in safeguarding your electrical systems.

Understanding SPD Type 1 and Type 2

Before diving into the combined SPD Type 1 and Type 2 Lightning Current Arrester, let's briefly explain what each of these components is:

1. SPD Type 1: These are designed to protect against direct lightning strikes and are typically installed at the main electrical service entrance. They can handle the high energy associated with a lightning strike and divert it safely to the ground.

2. SPD Type 2: These are installed at the distribution panel or sub-panel to protect against indirect lightning strikes and power surges caused by events like switching operations or faults in the electrical grid. They provide protection against lower-level surges.

The Combined AC SPD Type 1 and Type 2 Lightning Current Arrester

The combined AC SPD Type 1 and Type 2 Lightning Current Arrester is a device that integrates the capabilities of both SPD Type 1 and Type 2 into a single unit. This integration offers several advantages:

1. Comprehensive Protection: By combining SPD Type 1 and Type 2 capabilities, this device provides all-encompassing protection. It can handle the massive surge generated by a direct lightning strike while also protecting against smaller surges and voltage spikes in the electrical system.

2. Space and Cost Efficiency: Installing a single combined device eliminates the need for separate Type 1 and Type 2 SPDs, saving on installation space and reducing overall costs.

3. Simplicity of Installation: Having a single device simplifies the installation process, as electricians only need to deal with one unit rather than two separate ones.

4. Improved Coordination: In cases where both Type 1 and Type 2 SPDs are installed separately, coordination between them can be challenging. The combined SPD offers seamless coordination between the two protection levels.

How Does it Work?

The combined AC SPD Type 1 and Type 2 Lightning Current Arrester functions by diverting excessive electrical energy away from sensitive equipment and into the ground. Here's a simplified explanation of its operation:

1. Detection: The device continuously monitors the voltage across the electrical system. When it detects a surge or lightning strike, it activates.

2. Diversion: If a direct lightning strike occurs, the Type 1 component of the device activates to safely redirect the lightning's energy to the ground.

3. Suppression: If the surge is from an indirect source, such as a power grid disturbance, the Type 2 component of the device suppresses the surge, limiting its amplitude to safe levels.

4. Restoration: After the surge or lightning event has passed, the combined SPD returns to its standby mode, ready to protect the system again.

Importance in Modern Electrical Systems

In today's interconnected world, electrical systems are vulnerable to a wide range of electrical disturbances. A single lightning strike or a power surge can cause extensive damage, leading to costly repairs or even data loss. The combined AC SPD Type 1 and Type 2 Lightning Current Arrester plays a crucial role in safeguarding electrical systems, ensuring uninterrupted operation, and preventing equipment damage.


In the quest to protect our valuable electronic devices and electrical systems, the combined AC SPD Type 1 and Type 2 Lightning Current Arrester stands as a formidable defense against the unpredictable forces of nature and the potential hazards of power surges. Its ability to integrate two crucial protective functions into one device makes it a practical and efficient choice for ensuring the longevity and reliability of modern electrical systems. As technology continues to advance, these combined SPDs will remain a critical component of our ever-evolving electrical infrastructure.


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