Garden Fountain Pump

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FUJIAN YUANHUA PUMP INDUSTRY CO., LTD. was set up in Fujian in 2009 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of PEAKTOP Group listed in Hong Kong (SEHK stock code: HK0925). Peaktop Group was established in 1991, mostly dealing with gifts and housework.

However, now subsidiary, Yuanhua, is mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of energy-efficient AC submersible pumps, solar DC water pumps, brushless DC submersible pump etc. Our products are widely used in crafts such as fountains, garden landscapes, garden irrigation, cars, automatic water circulating equipment, solar products (bird bath fountains), aquarium fish tanks, foot bath equipment, and air coolers. Moreover, we add new products such as, fountain drain pumps for washing machines and RO pumps for water purifiers.

Garden Fountain Pump YH-LV130 (T/C/H), T represents low voltage output function,C represents auto shut-off when on low water level function, H represents ordinary high voltage, and without a letter, it represents both low voltage output and auto shut-off on low water level function.

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